Cliterary Salon


About Us


The clit is the unsung hero of literary greatness.

Sing, o fleshy muse! Tell us the story of a complicated woman.


So, why a Cliterary Salon?

The vast majority of readings in sexuality express the male gaze. We wanted to offer something different.  

We want to represent all the ways there are to be a woman or a person with a clit. We and recognize that not all women have clits and not all clits belong to women. We wanted to reclaim a mysterious and heavily-censored part of female sexuality by naming it outright, but not use it to define anyone's experience for them. Plus, you know, puns.  


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  • Katie Morton is a painter and visual artist, and designs all of Cliterary Salon's assets. Follow their IG: @katiegpm and support their work.




  • Louis Evans is a San Francisco writer and performer. Follow him: @quipthe